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18K Gold Plated

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Zodiac Collection

This Collection is unique and created just for you. These necklaces are 18K gold plated with natural stones from Brazil. Every zodiac sign has its own unique stone. You can wear this necklace with both pendants, only the zodiac sign pendant or only the gemstone.

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925 Sterling Silver

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About me

My name is Aline, I am the Diverse Jewelry founder and I am a Diverse woman! I am a wife, professional, and mom and now look at it... I am an entrepreneur!

Looks like I can be anything I want in life! What about you?

My background is in engineering but I always wondered about starting my own business. As someone that loves jewelry, mainly Brazilian jewelry. I decided to bring the diversity, quality and prices I was used to, to North America.

I hope you enjoy my selection and have my online store as you must stop spot to check for accessory needs and gifts!

Your feedback is always appreciated as my goal is to improve my service and give you the best customer experience!

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