Semi-Fine Jewel Care


A product that can last a life time...

For the greatest durability of your semi-fine jewel, avoid contact with body lotions, sunscreen, makeup, perfumes, sprays and water.

Never spray perfume or apply body lotion and sunscreen on your accessories. Through time they take the shine off the piece and oxidize the plating. When applying any kind of chemical substance to your body, wait for it to dry completely before wearing your jewels.

When taking a shower, swimming in a pool, lake or sea, or exercising, take off your jewels and protect them against the sun. In this way, oxidation will not occur and you will not lose the beauty of your product faster.

When storing your piece, clean it and separate the gold pieces from the silver pieces.

When cleaning your accessories never use liquid or gel alcohol or other cleaning products. Instead:
- Use warm running water and neutral liquid soap;
- Dry VERY well with a towel and dryer.

Handle the pieces carefully. Store them individually to avoid breaking, denting or scratching or lost stones - those are defects not covered by our warranty period.

If you have questions about the cleaning procedure of your 925 Sterling Silver product get in touch with us. However, you can also google and find several effective ideas on how to maintain your silver product always shining.

All these good practices will assure that your product lasts a long time and maintain its original appearance.